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Friday, July 30, 2010

Rosebuddy of the Week!

Hi Friends,
I am Shobana from Class IX.
I like the way I am.
I think I am one among the luckiest girls in the world as I have a a great family and great school to back me up. I am fun loving and love to spend my time in the company of my friends. 
I love my school and everything that it offers me! I have a soft corner for games and art. I am very fond of small kids and so I always find time to visit the kindergarten in my school. I love bird watching and would like to do whenever I have time!
That's all about me! Keep Rocking You All!


  1. Its nice to hear that you spend time with the kindergarten.

  2. Good Shobana.Its something new that you like bird watching.

  3. hi, Shobana it is quite interesting to hear that you have written

  4. well done shobzzz...... i never knew dat u like small children??? anywayz.. AMAZIN!!!

  5. nice to know more abt u shobana!

  6. even i like to visit the kindergarden its new that you like watching birds.......

  7. You have written so wonderfully. I too like your thought of thinking.