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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Let's get to know more about them.......

Primrose is always a happening place, and this academic year is no exception to it! It's gonna be a
great year for all the Rosebuddies! Before we start our activities, lets get to know the Team -Voice Of Primrose!
Mrs.Leslie Jacobs, our Academic Director is the gentle lady who heads Primrose School. Primrose is considered to the best school in Pondicherry. Thanks to her dedication, hard work and willingness to support the professional development of the staff! The school is her PASSION! Unlike many directors, Leslie Ma'am knows every single child in the school by name, and she makes it a point to see that the kids are happy at school! And, that is the sole reason why Primrose is a second home for all its students! Together with our Principal Mrs.Jareena, she has made the school tower great heights!

Rhea Melwani, the President of Voice Of Primrose is from Class IX.She is an enthusiastic girl, who is very passionate about whatever she does. Very studious and always helpful too! She says she enjoys every minute that she spends in school. According to her, getting elected as the President of Voice Of Primrose is a great opportunity to learn and improve! She is also confident that she can make her school a happy place for her friends! She aspires to become a psychologist! All the best to you Rhea!

Shubam Porwal, the Vice President of Voice Of Primrose is from Class VIII. Shubam is excited about being elected to the post of Vice President of Voice Of Primrose. He has given his word that he would try his level best to nurture the club and make it a grand success. He is a sweet boy, loved by teachers and his friends alike. He is a good dancer too. He aspires to become a software engineer! All the best Shubam!

Marc Ajay, the Secretary of Voice of Primrose is a sweet little boy from Class VII. He loves to see himself as a famous writer, when he grows up! He is very excited about his new post as Secretary. He says he would put in the best of his efforts to make the Club run successfully! All the best to you Marc!

Mohammed Javeed, the Organising Secretary -1 is a Class IX student. Hard working, studious and witty. He has dreams of becoming an IAS Officer! A good chess player too! All the best to you Javeed!

A.Advaitha, the Organising Secretary -2 is from Class VI. She is delighted about her new office!Very confident and smart, she is sure to make a good leader. She has IIT dreams and that's her goal in life! She is a good actor too! All the best to you too!

Roshen Raghavendran,the treasurer of Voice of Primrose is from Class IX.. According to him, Primrose is offering the best days of his school life. He feels the school is very different from other schools as it offers freedom of expression to every child.He is very happy about his new responsibility and is ready to put in his best eforts. He aspires to become a doctor! All the best to you Roshen!

So, they are ready with the activities for the club! Please do co-operate and join them in our march towards success! All the best to all Rosebuddies!

Thank You!