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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rosebuddy Of the Week!

I am Siv Samriddhi Rajan from Class VIII. I love to be called Sami! I feel I am a good girl, good at studies. I like my friends at school and really love to have fun with them.

I love to see myself as a journalist in future and I would strive my best to achieve my goal. I love to travel around the globe, meet people and learn about their way of living and their culture.

My favourite pastime is troubling my sister(haha!) I love to fight with her too! I feel I am a bit sensitive, but I am trying to get over that!That's all about me! Have a great time, you all!

Thank You!


  1. Samriddhi, lucky to be the first one from VIII. Congratz!

  2. congratz sami, Let your dream come true.

  3. Congratz! hope u become a journalist as you wish

  4. awesome sammy..... work towards ur goal and am sure u ll achieve it..... all d best...

  5. all the best for ur goal and don't trouble ur sis...

  6. Congratz!hope ur dreams come true.

  7. I think you are the first one in gr8

  8. the world is to achieve anything,hope ur dreams come true!Hey rosebuddy congratz!....
    shakthi priya