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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Recitation Contest - 23rd July 2010!

The Recitation Contest was conducted on 23rd July 2010. The contest was conducted under two categories.

Category I - Students of Classes VI and VII          Category II - Students of Classes VIII, IX and X

Advaita.A, Class VI                                                   Maria Smiti, Class VIII
        Shravani, Class VI                                                         Bhuvaneswari.B, Class VIII
                        Sana Banu, Class VII                                                 Nitin.C.A, Class VIII
                                    Kiruba.N, Class VII                                                     Padmapriyaa.G, Class X

Recitation Contest, being the first competition conducted by the Voice of Primrose was something which the Rosebuddies had been waiting for! We were very fortunate to have a very special person as our Special Guest and Judge for the Contest, none other than Sir Asokan, the Secretary of Mother's Service Society, the institution behind the successful running of our school. He is a man of letters, who has penned many articles and books.We were delighted to have him with us on this special occasion. Sir Asokan described the contest as 'an enjoyable experience' with the kids of Primrose. The other judges for the day were Mrs. Flavia Abraham and Mrs.Vidyalakshmi Ravisankar, our English teachers. 

Let us get to know the details of the contest! 
Also, have a look at some random pics from the contest!
The Special Guest and Judge of the Contest, Sir Asokan being welcomed!
Thanks to Sir Asokan, for having taken time out of his busy schedule to spend some time with the kids. 

            The Judges of the Recitation Contest  -  Mrs.Flavia Abraham, Mrs.Vidyalakshmi Ravisankar, Sir Asokan                                                      
Shravani, Class VI
Poem - Friendship

Sana Banu, Class VII
Poem - To My Dear Brother
Advaitha.A, Class VI
Poem - The Months

N.Kiruba, Class VII
Poem - My Grandmother

Padmapriyaa.G,Class X
Poem - TV Trouble
Maria Smiti, Class VIII
Poem - You're Old,  Father William
B.Bhuvaneswari, Class VIII
Poem - The Good Old Days
Nitin.C.A, Class VIII
Poem - The Ballad of Father Gilligan

It was a tough contest and the judges had a tough time choosing the best ones! While the judges were busy discussing the results, we had a recital by the little ones of Class IV - Devanshika, Arwa and Shrima!

Shrima, Arwa, Devanshika

Finally, the results were announced! As already posted - 

Category I        I Prize: Sana Banu, Class VII                  Category II    I Prize: Padmapriyaa.g, Class X
                          II Prize: Advaita.A, Class VI                                          II Prize: Maria Smiti, Class VIII

The Winners with the Judges
Consolation Prize Winners: Shravani, Class VI                        Kiruba.N, Class VII
                                               Bhuvaneswari.B, Class VIII         Nitin.C.A, Class VIII

The Consolation Prize Winners with the Judges

Vote of Thanks
Marc Ajay

We are happy that our first competition went on well - Thanks to all the students and teachers for their support!

So, get ready for the next contest on the 5th of August, 2010! 

Thank You One and All!


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    Vinod Kumar

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