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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Inauguration of "Voice Of Primrose"!

1st July 2010 - A Dream came true for the Rosebuddies! 
The English Literary Club, " Voice of Primrose" was inaugurated. The special guests of the day were Madam Leslie Jacobs, our Director and Madam Jareena Begum, our Principal. The function started with the prayer at 3.30 pm, followed by the welcome address by Shubam Porwal of Class VIII. Divya Patel of Class VIII presented the'plan of action' of the club. Voice of Primrose was inaugurated by Madam Leslie Jacobs and Madam Jareena Begum by releasing the Club Poster. Thus the club which aims at chiselling and developing the creative and aesthetic temper in the students came into existence!

                               Have a look at the pics from the Inaugural Ceremony........

     All set for the Show!  

Waiting for the Special Guests of the Day!

Swathi and Thamizhmalar making the bouquets ready!


      "Voice of Primrose"

                                                                     The Club Poster

"Voice is Primrose" was born! But the function did not get over with that, the Declaration of Election Results and the Investiture Ceremony followed. But you may have to wait for the next post to get know of the details of the rest of the function. Hope you enjoyed going through this post! 
Rosebuddies had a gala time indeed! 

Celebration was in the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You!


  1. awesome pics miss!!! n is dat d balloon i accidently drew on???

  2. Yup Swathi - It is! Creative Indeed!

  3. all applause to sunitha miss for giving us a wonderful club.the inaguration was fabulos.

  4. oh thnk u miss... :)

  5. It was a very nice inaguration ceremony miss... I really liked it. The pictures are very good and my best wishes are with this blog :)

  6. what a club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. wonderful pics miss u had given as a memorable day miss so great thanks to sunitha miss