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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

For those who wish to get lost in the Magic of Words!

We are delighted to announce that 3000+ books 
are getting added to our library!
And, that’s not all! 
We are launching a Book Lovers’ Club very soon.
A team of teachers are working on it, 
and we would be able to kick-start it soon.
We are in need of a name for the club 
and we have given it to the students, 
teachers and the MSS team members 
to come up with a very innovative name.
Similarly, design the logo for the Book Club 
and win exciting prizes.
The Contest is ON!
Rush your entries to rosebuddies@primroseschool.in

Last date for the submission of entries - 25th October, 2018

Note: Please register your book club membership with just a message in the comment box here. We invite the students, teachers and the MSS team members to join the club and make use of this wonderful opportunity to get lost in the world of books.