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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Introducing ' Voice Of Primrose'

The academic year 2010-11 is going to be different with the introduction of ‘The Primrose English Literary Club and Blog’! It is an attempt to provide our student writers an opportunity to develop their interest and abilities in creative writing. Great things are in store for the students and we expect this attempt will surely bring out the hidden talents in our students. The club will be inaugurated in the month of June, after the election of the office bearers.

The Executive Committee will be headed by our Director Mrs.Leslie Jacobs, assisted by two staff co-coordinators. The office bearers will be elected in the month of June.

President – Class IX
Vice President- Class VIII
Secretary – Class VII
Organizing Secretary (2) – Class VI, IX
Treasurer- Class IX

The Goals of our new Club:
*To encourage literary pursuits amongst the students, be it in the form of creative writing, poetic ventures, dramatics, reading sessions, debates, quizzes, linguistic skill, etc.
*To provide equal opportunities for the students to take part in school English literary activities.
*To equip students with more challenging activities through speaking, reading, writing and listening skills. Individual competitions to be given more weightage, for helping students to become more confident and self-reliant.

The proposed schedule for the literary competitions is as follows:

Month – Competition

June –Elocution

July - Recitation (famous poems)

August - Poetry/short story writing

September - Caption Contest

October - English Quiz

November - Spelling Contest

December - Mock Interview

January - Letter Writing Contest

The competitions will be conducted under two categories.

Category I: Classes VI and VII

Category II: Classes VIII, IX and X

Students who are interested to contest the elections may give their names to their English Teacher.

Thank You!