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Thursday, December 11, 2014

The English Kingdom


Team English Kingdom
 Mr.S. Elango inaugurating The English Kingdom

Kavya Ponnarassu as Sophia
Harshika as Cindrella
Tishya Rakshitha as Rapunzel
U.Adithya as Noddy
V. Pranav as Peter Pan
Sakshi as Beauty from The Beauty and the Beast
Anika Serah as  Little Red Riding Hood
Yazhini as Snow White
Puppet Show by  Class V

Miss.Riddle - Priyadarshini.C
Ranganayaki with the "Inchcape Rock"
Rakshithapriya explaining "The Road Not Taken"
The London Bridge
Sidhharth, Arulselvan and Dhashvin

Aishwarya Joshi as Sarojini Naidu
Anandraj Bhavanani as William Wordsworth
Miss.Tongue Twister - Abhinaya.G

Jareena Ma'am with Rapunzel
Punctuation is Powerful
Class IV 

With their English Teacher, Ms.Saritha
Leslie Ma'am with Peter Pan

Snehal, Class VIII
Our Teachers Ms.Sujatha, Ms.Saritha and Ms.Meena with the Volunteers from Class XI


Special Thanks to Arun.R (Class XI), Sidharth.S (Class VIII), Nishanth.N(Class X) for the wonderful photographs!

Hindi Exhibition -2014

     Mrs.Anamika Sarogi inaugurating The Hindi Exhibition-2014

Arunthamizh as Gandhiji
Satheesh.B from Class IV
The Chief Guest with our teachers Mr.Thomas and Mrs.Farzana
Our Teacher Mrs.Vinpreet Bali with the Chief Guest
Srisailesh, Aswinkumar and Mahilash from Class V
Vaishnavi and Appasamy from Class VIII

Leslie Ma'am and Jareena Ma'am at the Hindi Exhibition with Mrs.Udhayalakshmi and Mrs.Vinpreet