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Friday, July 30, 2010

Rosebuddy of the Week!

Hi Friends,
I am Shobana from Class IX.
I like the way I am.
I think I am one among the luckiest girls in the world as I have a a great family and great school to back me up. I am fun loving and love to spend my time in the company of my friends. 
I love my school and everything that it offers me! I have a soft corner for games and art. I am very fond of small kids and so I always find time to visit the kindergarten in my school. I love bird watching and would like to do whenever I have time!
That's all about me! Keep Rocking You All!

Monday, July 26, 2010


Hello Rosebuddies,

As you all know, we have completed the first competition successfully. Please have a look at the points secured by each class.

I Prize - 5 points

II Prize- 3 points

So, after the first competition, the points achieved are:

Class VI       - 3 Points

Class VII     - 5 Points

Class VIII   - 3 Points

Class IX      - 0 Points

Class X       - 5 Points

Thank You!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Recitation Contest - 23rd July 2010!

The Recitation Contest was conducted on 23rd July 2010. The contest was conducted under two categories.

Category I - Students of Classes VI and VII          Category II - Students of Classes VIII, IX and X

Advaita.A, Class VI                                                   Maria Smiti, Class VIII
        Shravani, Class VI                                                         Bhuvaneswari.B, Class VIII
                        Sana Banu, Class VII                                                 Nitin.C.A, Class VIII
                                    Kiruba.N, Class VII                                                     Padmapriyaa.G, Class X

Recitation Contest, being the first competition conducted by the Voice of Primrose was something which the Rosebuddies had been waiting for! We were very fortunate to have a very special person as our Special Guest and Judge for the Contest, none other than Sir Asokan, the Secretary of Mother's Service Society, the institution behind the successful running of our school. He is a man of letters, who has penned many articles and books.We were delighted to have him with us on this special occasion. Sir Asokan described the contest as 'an enjoyable experience' with the kids of Primrose. The other judges for the day were Mrs. Flavia Abraham and Mrs.Vidyalakshmi Ravisankar, our English teachers. 

Let us get to know the details of the contest! 
Also, have a look at some random pics from the contest!
The Special Guest and Judge of the Contest, Sir Asokan being welcomed!
Thanks to Sir Asokan, for having taken time out of his busy schedule to spend some time with the kids. 

            The Judges of the Recitation Contest  -  Mrs.Flavia Abraham, Mrs.Vidyalakshmi Ravisankar, Sir Asokan                                                      
Shravani, Class VI
Poem - Friendship

Sana Banu, Class VII
Poem - To My Dear Brother
Advaitha.A, Class VI
Poem - The Months

N.Kiruba, Class VII
Poem - My Grandmother

Padmapriyaa.G,Class X
Poem - TV Trouble
Maria Smiti, Class VIII
Poem - You're Old,  Father William
B.Bhuvaneswari, Class VIII
Poem - The Good Old Days
Nitin.C.A, Class VIII
Poem - The Ballad of Father Gilligan

It was a tough contest and the judges had a tough time choosing the best ones! While the judges were busy discussing the results, we had a recital by the little ones of Class IV - Devanshika, Arwa and Shrima!

Shrima, Arwa, Devanshika

Finally, the results were announced! As already posted - 

Category I        I Prize: Sana Banu, Class VII                  Category II    I Prize: Padmapriyaa.g, Class X
                          II Prize: Advaita.A, Class VI                                          II Prize: Maria Smiti, Class VIII

The Winners with the Judges
Consolation Prize Winners: Shravani, Class VI                        Kiruba.N, Class VII
                                               Bhuvaneswari.B, Class VIII         Nitin.C.A, Class VIII

The Consolation Prize Winners with the Judges

Vote of Thanks
Marc Ajay

We are happy that our first competition went on well - Thanks to all the students and teachers for their support!

So, get ready for the next contest on the 5th of August, 2010! 

Thank You One and All!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Results of the Recitation Contest!

Congratulations Winners!
Expect the post with the pics of the competition soon!

Thank You!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Rosebuddy Of the Week!


My name is Chirag Choradia. I am a Class VI student of Primrose School. I like my school very much. Our school is very different from other schools. Here, every student is offered the freedom to express their opinions. Moreover, teachers are very friendly! They always encourage and appreciate us to come up with new ideas. My ambition in life is join the Indian Army and serve our country. During my free time, I like to watch television, play chess, football and tennis. 

Thank You!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Story Writing Contest!

Hi Rosebuddies,

The Story Writing Contest will be conducted on August 5, 2010, Thursday! The theme for the story will be provided half an hour before the competition starts. Those who are interested may give your names to Shubam Porwal, the Vice President of the club, or register your names via comments!

Thank You!

Poetry Writing Contest!

Hi All,
Just wanted to let you all know that the poetry writing contest will be conducted on August 12, 2010, Thursday! The theme for the poem will be given half an hour before the commencement of the competition. If you are interested, please give your names to Advaita, our Organizing Secretary or register your names via comments. 

All the Best!

Thank You!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Have a JOY RIDE with the Recitation Contest!

Hi Rosebuddies,

Sunita Miss here! 

Thanks a lot for the excitement from your side towards the New English Club! Before we get into the first competition, I would like to convey a very important message! I don’t wish to use a tone of ADVICE! Yet, I feel it may be useful to you! 

As the recitation competition is just a few days away, I thought of writing something for the majority. By ‘Majority’, I mean the audience(For the time being, the contestants please excuse me). As you all know, we had the preliminary round of the contest just a week back, and now there are just 8 of you to compete! But to me, ALL of you are participating. How come! Naturally, when you’re one among the audience, you’re just an observer. That must be the impression all of you have. But when you dig deep, it’s not so. Now, let’s start from the title –“ JOY RIDE with the Recitation Contest

So, how can you make the contest a joy ride? I’m sure at least some of you have been puzzled by this. Recitation and Joy Ride! How can they go together! Can they actually go together? Each one of you might have different opinions about the contest. Let me try to classify the audience into three groups. Go through the three groups carefully and find out, which group you belong to! 

Group I : Grrr..Oh! What competition? It may not be useful for me, may be for others. I’m here to remain off the radar, silently. Anyway, it’s gonna fall on deaf ears!

Group II : Okay, I am not good enough to participate in this poetry competition . But, anyway as it’s taking place, I shall go and just be a spectator. Everything will go in one ear and out the other.

Group III : Wow! This is a great opportunity for me. I’m waiting eagerly for the competition. Even though I’m not competing I’m going to be an active listener. I’m going to read all these poems before, so that I can be familiar with the poems. I would even try to make a mock recital at home, as if I’m participating! I'll give all ears, to it.

So, I believe, you have identified yourself with one of these groups! (GroupI, Group II or Group III). And now we’ll go deeper in to it. Below is an image from Second life, a game most of you may be familiar with.

From Second Life! 

In such games, you have avatars. Here you can create an avatar the way which like the most. In avatar, you can even create an environment you like. Plenty of options are given, so that it will match with the taste and preference of all of us . Given a chance, most of us will create an avatar which can do everything that we’re unable to do in real life. 

Now, coming back to our competition, those in Group I, have a particular approach towards the competition. They think that they can’t even listen to a poem eagerly. It’s not that they are not interested in it. For example, given a chance to create an avatar in second life, they may create a stage and give themselves a role of the participant in the competition!!!!!!!!! They too wish to participate in the competition, win a prize and get appreciated by everyone. But, it’s the fear of failure that is pulling them back! So it’s their pretence that they are not interested in the competition. In other words, it’s their approach towards the competition. But their attitude may change if they put in some effort. 

Have a look at the pic given below!

For example, when you look at the given painting, at first you may feel that it’s a very complex painting. But when you observe closely, it’s a combination of different geometrical shapes and colours. It’s not a big thing! Most of you can draw it!

Coming back to the joyful ride, I had mentioned in the beginning, you can find joy and happiness by involving in the event, even just by remaining as an active listener - trying to find out the meaning of the poem or something like that!

So if you have put yourself in Group I or II, I must say, you must change your attitude. Everything is possible, if you put in some effort. So, the message for the first and second groups is that you can make a try. It’s after all just listening to the poems attentively. That is a suggestion. But the choice is yours. Later you may understand that, our life is all, but the choices we make. It’s your choice that matters the most in your life! Not just about the competition, but about everything in your life!

Thank You!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rosebuddy Of the Week!

Hello Everyone!

I am Sana Banu from Class VII. I was born in Mumbai, but as my family moved to Pondicherry, I got the wonderful opportunity to become a Rosebuddy. I have studied in many schools before joining Primrose, and I should say, I like Primrose the best!

When I grow up, I would like to become a cardiologist. I have another dream too! I love travelling and I wish to visit the Seven Wonders of the World! Hope it turns true! 

In my leisure time, I love to listen to music, read books and watch movies. I love to do Yoga and I am pretty good at it. I love pets. I have two dogs, six cats, one squirrel and three parrots with whom I spend a lot of time. And most of all, I love my mom, she is my best friend! 
Hope you liked reading about me. Thank you for your time!

Thank You!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Class Magazine Contest!

We have decided to organize a 'Class Magazine Contest' which may be listed as a major event in the busy literary calendar. Students may present their class activities, articles, poems, drawings, craft, etc. and compile them into a booklet. The magazine with the most informative and entertaining content, attractive cover, artistic illustrations and lucid presentation will be declared the winner. You may start working on it from the month of July and submit the magazine by the end of November! The Class Teachers are requested to help the students with the magazine work. It must be a manuscript magazine, with a good title! 

For more details, you may contact the President of the Club, Ms.Rhea Melwani. 

Thank You!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

What is the Use?

What is the use of beauty,
If you are not witty.

What is the use of money,
If you don't value it.

What is the use of living,
If you don't forget and forgive.

What is the use of dreaming big ,
If you don't implement it.

What is the use of talent,
If you don't have the courage to show it.

What is the use of making mistakes,
If you don't learn from them.

What is the use of playing sports,
If sportsmanship dosen't exsits in you.

What is the use of being a human,
If humanity doesn't exsits in you.

What is the use of me writing this poem ,
If you don't learn from it.

- By Vaibhavi Samani, Class X

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Rosebuddy Of the Week!

I am Siv Samriddhi Rajan from Class VIII. I love to be called Sami! I feel I am a good girl, good at studies. I like my friends at school and really love to have fun with them.

I love to see myself as a journalist in future and I would strive my best to achieve my goal. I love to travel around the globe, meet people and learn about their way of living and their culture.

My favourite pastime is troubling my sister(haha!) I love to fight with her too! I feel I am a bit sensitive, but I am trying to get over that!That's all about me! Have a great time, you all!

Thank You!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Recitation Contest!

Interested students may give their names to their class teachers! You can even register your names via comments!
Thank You!

Let's get to know more about them.......

Primrose is always a happening place, and this academic year is no exception to it! It's gonna be a
great year for all the Rosebuddies! Before we start our activities, lets get to know the Team -Voice Of Primrose!
Mrs.Leslie Jacobs, our Academic Director is the gentle lady who heads Primrose School. Primrose is considered to the best school in Pondicherry. Thanks to her dedication, hard work and willingness to support the professional development of the staff! The school is her PASSION! Unlike many directors, Leslie Ma'am knows every single child in the school by name, and she makes it a point to see that the kids are happy at school! And, that is the sole reason why Primrose is a second home for all its students! Together with our Principal Mrs.Jareena, she has made the school tower great heights!

Rhea Melwani, the President of Voice Of Primrose is from Class IX.She is an enthusiastic girl, who is very passionate about whatever she does. Very studious and always helpful too! She says she enjoys every minute that she spends in school. According to her, getting elected as the President of Voice Of Primrose is a great opportunity to learn and improve! She is also confident that she can make her school a happy place for her friends! She aspires to become a psychologist! All the best to you Rhea!

Shubam Porwal, the Vice President of Voice Of Primrose is from Class VIII. Shubam is excited about being elected to the post of Vice President of Voice Of Primrose. He has given his word that he would try his level best to nurture the club and make it a grand success. He is a sweet boy, loved by teachers and his friends alike. He is a good dancer too. He aspires to become a software engineer! All the best Shubam!

Marc Ajay, the Secretary of Voice of Primrose is a sweet little boy from Class VII. He loves to see himself as a famous writer, when he grows up! He is very excited about his new post as Secretary. He says he would put in the best of his efforts to make the Club run successfully! All the best to you Marc!

Mohammed Javeed, the Organising Secretary -1 is a Class IX student. Hard working, studious and witty. He has dreams of becoming an IAS Officer! A good chess player too! All the best to you Javeed!

A.Advaitha, the Organising Secretary -2 is from Class VI. She is delighted about her new office!Very confident and smart, she is sure to make a good leader. She has IIT dreams and that's her goal in life! She is a good actor too! All the best to you too!

Roshen Raghavendran,the treasurer of Voice of Primrose is from Class IX.. According to him, Primrose is offering the best days of his school life. He feels the school is very different from other schools as it offers freedom of expression to every child.He is very happy about his new responsibility and is ready to put in his best eforts. He aspires to become a doctor! All the best to you Roshen!

So, they are ready with the activities for the club! Please do co-operate and join them in our march towards success! All the best to all Rosebuddies!

Thank You!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Investiture Ceremony!

Investiture Ceremony is one of the most important events of any school. It reminds us of the trust and confidence that we repose in the newly invested office bearers, the President, the Vice President, Secretary, Organising secretaries and the treasurer. Donning the mantle of responsibility, they also pledge to dispense their duties to the best of their abilities.

After all the office bearers took the stage, Leslie Ma’am and Jareena Ma’am pinned the badges of their office on their shoulders, a further sign of their added responsibility.

     <------Rhea Melwani

        Shubam Porwal ----->



         Mohammed Javeed------>

                                                            Roshen Raghavendran

Next was the solemn Oath-Taking ceremony. All the office bearers repeated the oath after Mrs.Vidyalakshmi, our staff coordinator. 

Leslie Ma’am then proceeded to address the office bearers, on how she wished them to perform their duties, with her generous words and wisdom.

Jareena Ma’am, in her speech, reminded the office bearers of their duties and the need to nurture the newly born club. 

All the newly elected office bearers addressed the school and thanked their voters! 
Everyone was delighted!!!!!!

An Ecoclub presentation by Natarajan of Class VIII and the recital of Daffodils by the girls of Class VIII followed. The first competition to be conducted by the "Voice of Primrose" was also announced ----
English Poem Recitation that will be held on 9th July 2010. The programme ended with the Vote of Thanks by Sunil Soni of Class X. 

Rosebuddies are delighted that the club has taken off well, we understand the need to nurture it well with our talent and hard work!
We promise to take it as our responsiblity!

Our Special Thanks to.......

Special Thanks to Vel Sir and Gokul, for excellent snaps!
Our special thanks to all the teaching and non-teaching staff, who helped us in making the day a memorable one!

Thank You one and All!