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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Short Story Writing Results

Class VII 

I Prize - Raghav Sarogi 

II Prize -  Vigasini

III Prize - Fatema and Appasamy

Class IX 

I Prize - Ferran Sulaiman

II Prize - Milind.L

III Prize - Sai Shankar and Shravani

Class XI 

I Prize - Maria Smiti

II Prize - Japna Kaur Bali 

III Prize - Priscilla

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Check out the Tamil Blog for the Pongal Pics....

Click the link below to vie the pics. Click on the pics to get a bigger view...


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Letter Writing Contest - Results

Class VI 

I Prize - Nishvitha

II Prize - Akshay Natesan

III Prize - Sarvesh and Jayasurya

Class VII

I Prize - Vigasini. A.R

II Prize - Ragav Sarogi

III Prize - Fatema Anjarwala

Class VIII

I Prize - Abirami.C

II Prize - Pooja.A

III Prize - Apaarpreet Kaur Bali

Class IX 

I Prize - Milind.L

II Prize - Shravani.S

III Prize - Ferran Sulaiman 

Class XI 

I Prize - Japna Kaur Bali 

II Prize -  Maria Smiti 

III Prize - Priscilla