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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rosebuddy Of the Week!

Hello Everyone!

I am Sana Banu from Class VII. I was born in Mumbai, but as my family moved to Pondicherry, I got the wonderful opportunity to become a Rosebuddy. I have studied in many schools before joining Primrose, and I should say, I like Primrose the best!

When I grow up, I would like to become a cardiologist. I have another dream too! I love travelling and I wish to visit the Seven Wonders of the World! Hope it turns true! 

In my leisure time, I love to listen to music, read books and watch movies. I love to do Yoga and I am pretty good at it. I love pets. I have two dogs, six cats, one squirrel and three parrots with whom I spend a lot of time. And most of all, I love my mom, she is my best friend! 
Hope you liked reading about me. Thank you for your time!

Thank You!


  1. U r very lucky to be the first rosebuddy from ur class.

  2. all the best and let ur dreams come true in ur life.

  3. You are really lucky to be the first rosebuddy from your class and have so many pets!
    Good luck in reaching your goal!

  4. have so many pets?that's just awesome.

  5. i just have 12 pets but one of my friend has 24
    as she love pets.

  6. let your dreams come true and not just you we all love primrose the most

  7. my best wishes to see the seven wonders of the world

  8. MashaAllah!
    Happy to see you leading. May Allah guide you to increase the knowledge and keep you in the straight path.

  9. Alhdmdulillah!
    I am interested to read the poem that brought you first prize.