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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Rosebuddies....

Thank You For a Great Cultural Week!
"Talent Time-2011" is done with and we would like to know how you enjoyed this cultural fiesta! Can we have your comments please?????

Comments from Leslie Ma'am and Jareena Ma'am.....

The Talent Time held in our school was a very special and wonderful occasion for our talented students to express their creativity. I was so impressed with their self-confidence, poise, enthusiasm and joy in showing us their individual talents. Even though there were finally three champions, a Little Champion, a Primary Champion and a Senior Champion, to me, ALL the students of Primrose are PRIMROSE CHAMPIONS!!

– Mrs.Leslie Jacobs, Academic Director

Every child is unique. School is the place where they can express and bring out their individual talents to the world. Where there is will, there is always a way. But to find the way, will is to be groomed up and properly shaped. There is a need to inculcate the feeling of competition in the students right from high school classes. They should have a feel how to direct themselves to achieve what they dream about. As you all know, our school is also unique in all aspects. Instead of celebrating the usual annual day we came out with a very different idea. We wanted every child to participate in their own field of interest.
Mrs.Sunitha and her team members worked for two months to organize this Talent Show with the help of students and parents. We got very good response from the parents and the students. With their hard work and great effort the programme became a grand success. I congratulate all the prize winners and the participants.

Special thanks to Mrs. Anuradha and her team members, and Mr.Ravishankar and his team members for organizing the Tamil and Hindi competitions also.

I congratulate Pre- Primary, Primary and Champion of Primrose students. In future, I expect more creative and innovative ideas from the Voice of Primrose. Good Luck!

-      Mrs.Jareena Begum, Principal

Thank You!

Prize Distribution -Afternoon Session....


 Prize Winners!!!

Special Guests of the Day
Mr.Sureshkumar Soni
Mr.Nirav Joshi
Mrs.Ushus Joshi
with our Director and Principal..........
Welcome Address - Chetan Bagi, Vice President, The Voice of Primrose 
Rosebuddies welcome you...........
Jareena Ma'am addressing the School...
Audience eagerly waiting for the results...



Mrs.Sujatha said that she was extremely happy to see the kids bringing out their hidden talents! 

Mrs.Ushus Joshi, who was also a judge for the Champion of Primrose Contest said that she was very happy to see the kids participate different events, with so much enthusiasm. She also commented that most rosebuddies were self confident and presented themselves well on stage!

Mr.Nirav Joshi said that the campus keeps amazing him every year! Every year there is something innovative that is happening in the campus, he added! 

Mr.Suresh Kumaar Soni said that he was delighted to see the students discovering their talents! 

Jareena Ma'am said she was very proud of her students, who came out of their shells 
to display their talents! 

Prizes for the Hindi and Tamil Talent Time were also distributed! 

The Trophy!
The Finalists lined up, eagerly waiting for the Results....
Can you tell us who the 'Champion of Primrose' is?

Tense Moments...

And.......the winner is Sunil Soni...............

On Cloud Nine!!!!!!
Sunil Kumaar Soni
Winner -The Champion of Primrose
Swathi.J, Class X
Runner-Up -I , Champion of Primrose
Mohammed Javeed, Class X
Runner-Up -II - Champion of Primrose
Class VII
Class IX 
Vote of Thanks
President, The Voice of Primrose