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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Rosebuddy of the Week!

Hi Everyone!
My name is Japna, and I am in Class VIII. I joined Primrose last year and I am pretty much happy with my teachers and friends here. 

I am very passionate about whatever I do. I am hardworking too. I always try to put in my best efforts in whatever I do. I am an optimist and I always try to make the best out of the opportunities that come my way. 

I love to read and listen to music in my leisure.  I love my family and always work hard to make my parents happy!!!

Thank You! 


  1. Good japna.i guess u are really hardworking and very much optimistic.nice to know more about u.

  2. Obviously it is the best specimen of literary talents of Primrose children. By starting class magazines, it is a great leap towards creativity. When I went through Vaibhavi’s poem, I felt the elements of the plot imbibed from our present day life of self-imposed exile from compassion. Best endeavor, Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vinod Kumar

  3. Good japna!Even I like to hear music. you are in my path!!!!!!

  4. u are certainly very hardworking!

  5. you are a optimist its good thing to hear.you are a sincere hardworker.

  6. Thankyou friends for all your comments:):):)

  7. gr8 japu ur a hard working girl & music is a good option because listening to music makes you cool & calm.

  8. Fantastic! Japna. You have written is what you are doing exactly (hardworking).