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Saturday, October 30, 2010


The Office Bearers of "Voice of Primrose" had a great time today! They loved going around the campus and requesting feedback on the English Quiz to teachers and students.

Thanks to Rhea, the President of the Club, Shubam, the Vice-President of the Club and Mark, the Secretary of the Club for this wonderful job!

Have a look at the comments!

The quiz was a wonderful and exciting chance for the teams in mixed age group to compete. All the teams worked hard and only because of a few nerves some answers could not be given, especially in the Rapid Fire round. I am sure with frequent such events the students will gain confidence. Congratulations to all for a great event.

- Mrs. Leslie Jacobs
- Academic Director

"Knowledge is like light, a blessing which increases with sharing. Let us light more lamps in our school." Quiz Programme is one which evokes the potential of the participants and one which also enriches the knowledge of the spectators. It also improves the self-confidence, concentration, alertness, vocabulary of the students. All the participants performed well. My heart wishes to all the participants. I wish that the English Club organizes more innovative programmes and bring out the hidden talents of students.

Mrs.Jareena Begum

It was wonderful! All the contestants performed well. I feel this kind of programs must be conducted very often. Over-all, it was a well-organised program and my appreciation to all the members of the English Club!

- Mr.Singaravel

Hats Off! It was nice. Participants really gave their best. Certainly, this quiz would have helped everyone to widen their knowledge in English Literature. And, of course I could see the efforts put in by the office bearers in conducting the quiz. The Audio round was not really audible!

- Mr.Ravisankar

All teams participated really well. I felt, they could have prepared a bit more with the audio and visual rounds.Of course, it was just a great event. 

-Mr.Mesjer Geo

The teams did pretty well. They can improve their skills through such contests. All the very best to everyone who participated and others those who are participating next time. 

- Mrs.Vinpreet

The Quiz had a good start and a good ending. Such contests are a must for the students to improve their English skills. 

Teacher-in- English

The Quiz Contest was well-organised. I could see the effort and interest put in by both the organizers and the participants. I feel it would have been better if more students had participated, so that there would be more winners. Good Luck with many more programs like this!


It was wonderful. I enjoyed it, but could not really hear a few questions as I was sitting quite far away from the stage. 


It was nice.It really helped widening their knowledge in English Literature. Often, such events can be held! Good effort!

The quiz was really nice. It was very advantageous to both the students and the teachers. Questions from different fields can be added.


It was nice. It would be good to add general knowledge questions too!
Mr.Edwin Lopez

The entire quiz was great fun. Kudos to the organizers, who put in maximum efforts to make this quiz a big success!!!!!!! Congratulations to the winners and participants. Hopefully, the love and interest for English Literature prevails amongst the students in the years to come!

Mrs.Flavia Abraham

Kudos to the organizers for having organized a thought provoking and nail-biting quiz! A well-planned and a very well-organized competition. Another feather on your cap, indeed! Looking forward to more such happenings!


I really enjoyed conducting the English Quiz! I was as excited as the students! It was really a great chance for me to relive my good old school days.  My special thanks to Mrs.Flavia, Mr.Geo, Mrs.Vidyalakshmi, and all the office bearers for helping me out in organizing this thrilling quiz contest! And, hats off to all the participants who had put in their best efforts to make the day a memorable one!

Mrs.Sunita Dhanesh

Comments by Participants

Team A-Ayush, Samriddhi and Sana
It was indeed a great experience....it was very thrilling...We really liked it..we all had so much fun....it was the first time we were participating in a quiz like this and it was awesome......the last round rapid fire was really exciting and really tested our skills...overall it was a great show....and we are delighted 2 have finishd second...

Team B-Siv Sanjna, Smiti and Advaita
Wow! It was just great to be a part of it! We were so tensed and a thousand butterflies were fluttering in our stomachs, but as the quiz began we got over the fear and concentrated on it. The points we secured in the first 4 rounds were really disappointing and we felt really down. But we were able to make up for it, in the next few rounds and towards the end of the eighth round, we were a bit relaxed! Then came the rapid fire round! Oh No! Just one minute and many questions! It was just wonderful and we Won!!!!!We were so excited as everyone came to congratulate us!Also we had a great time during the time of our preps. On the whole, we just LOVED it! We are looking forward to more such events in our school! 

Team C - Javeed, Vimeenaa and Sanchana
It was an exciting one! We were really upset after the last round. We were leading till the 8th round, but in the rapid fire round, we lost our first place. The quiz made us research and improve our knowledge in English language and literature. We are really thankful to the audience, who encouraged us a lot. We are also happy that our efforts did't go in vain. We would like to extend our special thanks to the organizers for giving us such a wonderful opportunity!

Team D-Vishaal, Haritha and Maheshaa
The quiz was a big success. We were extremely nervous. This was our first experience and it turned out to be a great one! We feel great to say that we were able to get a chance to be in one of the teams. It was a wonderful experience. 

Comments by Spectators
The Quiz was really beneficial and amazing! I think 'amazing' is not enough to describe it! All the contestants did a great job!All the rounds were really great! The audience also could learn a lot! The special round for the audience was superb! On the whole, it can be considered one of the memorable days of my school life. Cheers!
-Class IX

The contest was really interesting! The Rapid Fire Round was the turning point of the quiz. The idea of giving opportunity to the audience is really commendable.
Class IX

It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to get to learn about English. Though I don't really like literature, I really enjoyed the show. All the rounds were really good. In the audio round, the accent was a bit difficult to understand.The Rapid Fire Round was the best!!!!! I liked the idea of the "audience round" too, but everyone did not get a chance to answer. On the whole, the quiz was a good attempt by the "Voice of Primrose".
Class IX 

The Quiz was wonderful. I was extremely tensed during the quiz, even though I was not a participant. I loved the rapid fire round and the audience round. I am also happy that I won prize in the audience round.
Class VI

Awesome, Marvellous, Fantabulous!!!!!!!
Class VI

I was a contestant, I felt very nervous, but as it started I started enjoying it. It was a great experience for me.
Class VIII

I loved the quiz. Questions were asked not only to the teams but also to the audience. I loved the rapid fire round. I had a very good time there. It was awesome!
Class VI

The quiz was wonderful. All the teams performed very well.I learnt a very good lesson from Team B. Though they were placed last after a few rounds, they bagged the first place with their confidence. It was really amazing and in next quiz competition i would also participate to enjoy the thrill!!!!!!!
Class VII

I had a great experience. I learnt many things like - presence of mind, how to handle pressure etc. It will be one of the golden memories of my school life. Unforgettable!!!!!
Class VII

The quiz was fantastic. It is one of the most special programmes conducted in our school. Congrats to all the participants!
Class VI

This was our first  EXPERIENCE and it was awesome .We loved all those 9 rounds, especially the audio and rapid fire round...Our friends cheered us up and it was really fun. We were very tensed , towards the end when the results were to be announced, but we loved it. We just cant wait for another competition!!!!! 
Class VII

It was well-organized. It was one of the best competitions that I have ever seen in my life. I felt sad that I was not able to participate in it. I enjoyed the rapid fire round. I expect that there would more programmes like this again this year. 
Class VIII

It was the first time I was getting a chance to watch an English Quiz. I just loved it. 
Divya Patel
Class VIII

I enjoyed the quiz. The most exciting part was the rapid fire round. Awesome!
Class VIII

The quiz was a great experience for me as it was the first program of mine on stage in this school. I got great support from my friends and my teachers. I was very scared before the quiz started. But after it started, I became relaxed. I enjoyed the show and it will remain one of the best memories of my school life. 
Siv Samriddhi
Class VIII

It was great. I felt that it was a real quiz programme on TV. 
Ajay Venkatesh
Class VII

Exciting! The rapid fire round was the turning point of the contest. We got a chance to learn about poets and their poems, dramatists and their plays and many more things. The quiz made us browse the net and improve our knowledge. The round for the audience was a good idea indeed. I enjoyed it thoroughly. 
Class IX

It was different. It was very informative too. We all enjoyed. The only problem was that those who sat far away from the stage could really enjoy the audio-visual round. 
Class IX

October 27 will be one of the most memorable days in life. It was the day my team - Smiti and Advaitha and I won the English quiz conducted by my school. We had a lot of fun preparing for the quiz and laughing and chatting with the other teams. and then came quiz time.Everyone was extremely excited but at the same time nervous. My team answered the first question but after that all was not well for us .At the end of four rounds we were the last . as the team captian I felt responsible for my team's condition, but during the next five rounds we started picking up pace and after the last round, much to the surprise of everyone present there, we won!!! Well, to be honest my team and I were extremely surprised at this miraculous win of ours, but then came the praises and congrats. At that point I felt extremely happy that I was given this wonderful oppurtunity to lead my team.What a day it was!
Siv Sanjna Rajan
Class X

27.10.10 was of course an exciting day. Students of classes 5-10 were all assembled in the auditorium for the English quiz. Very well organised, this quiz comprised of 9 different rounds on different topics. Conducted by our beloved English Teachers, it was all amazing. This was a very different kind of quiz ever conducted in school. So unique, so new and so exciting. All the rounds were not just mere question and answer type. Each round as mentioned earlier had its own challenge, uniqueness and atmosphere. Audio round, visual round, the rapid- fire round, author and his works round, movies round, the general question round etc. only made the event more bubbly than ever. There was even a round where the audience could participate and enjoy. Initially, the team A and team C were in the lead. But as the quiz proceeded further, the tables totally turned with team B resulting as the winner followed by Team C, Team A and Team D. The quiz came to an end with our principal announcing the results. It was a memorable event and for have intiated, organised and  conducted this program , hats off to the organizers. Thank you one and all.
Sunil Soni
Class X
Thank You All

Thursday, October 28, 2010

English Quiz 2010-2011 - Questions and Answers!

The English Quiz was held on Wednesday, the 27th of October! Have a look at the questions and answers! A detailed report on the event will be published soon! 

Round I – Books and Authors 

1.Who is the author of “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?

Mark Twain 

2. Who is the author of “Treasure Island”? 


3.Who is the author of “The Adventures of Oliver Twist”? 

Charles Dickens 

4.Who is the author of “ “The Glimpses of world history”? 

Jawaharlal Nehru 

Round II – Shakespearean Plays and Characters 

1.Name the Shakespearean play in which you get to meet twins, - a brother and a sister? 

Twelfth Night – Sebastian and Viola 

2.“To be or not to be – That is the question!” is a very famous Shakespearean quote. In which play would you come across this famous quote? 

Hamlet – It is the first line of a soliloquy in Hamlet, and it is one of the most famous quotations in world literature. 

3. William Shakespeare, the greatest of all playwrights has written 38 plays. Which is believed to be the last play written by Shakespeare? 

The Tempest” 

4. Which is the most important scene in the Shakespearean play The Merchant of Venice?

The Court Scene, where Portia comes disguised as a lawyer and saves Antonio! 

Round III – Grammar 

1.“I have completed my work.” What is the tense used in this sentence? 

Present Perfect Tense 

2. Sometimes, words are added to sentences to convey or express emotions. What are such words called? - 


3. What is a gerund? – The –ing form of a verb 

4. My elder brother came there. Pick out the adjective from this sentence:- elder 

Round IV – Visual Round 

In this round, they had to identify the writers and poets. 

1. Robert Frost 

2. Salman Rushdie 

3. William Wordsworth 

4. Ruskin Bond 

Round V– English Movies 

1. We all are familiar with James Bond movies. Who was the actor who played the first James Bond 007? - 

Sean Connery

2. What is the name of the character who wanted to become a nun, but ended up taking care of seven children in the movie, “Sound of Music”? 


3. What is the name of the Lion Prince (the lead character) in the movie “Lion King”? 


4. What is the name of the rat in the movie, Ratatouille? 


Round VI- Awards 

1. Who is the world famous author, who is the youngest recipient of Nobel Prize for Literature? He was just 42 , when he received the Nobel Prize!

Rudyard Kipling, The Nobel Prize for Literature was awarded to Rudyard Kipling "in consideration of the power of observation, originality of imagination, virility of ideas and remarkable talent for narration which characterize his creations. He bagged this prestigious award in the year 1907. 

2. Arundhathi Roy won the Booker Prize in the year 1997. Can you name the novel for which she was awarded this prestigious award? 

The God of Small Things 

3. Salman Rushdie won the Booker prize in 1981. Name the work for which he bagged this prestigious award? 

Midnight’s Children 

4. Who is the famous Indian English writer, who was awarded the Sahithya Academy Award , for his novel, “The Guide”? 

R.K.Narayan - he won the award in 1958, later the novel was made into a movie, starring the evergreen hero of Hindi Cinema, Mr.Devanand. 

Round VII – Facts about English 

1. You may have come across words or phrases that can be read the same way in either direction. What are such words called? 


2. Sometimes in poems or stories, the writers attribute human traits to non-living things. What is this figure of speech called? 


3.What is the detailed description of the life history of a person, written by the same person called ? 


4. What is the name given to the study of speech sounds or spoken language? 


Round VIII – Audio Round 

In this round, they were asked to identify the poems after listening to the recital.

1. If

2. The Brook

3. The Road not Taken

4. Solitary Reaper 

Round IX – Rapid Fire Round 

It was the last round. Each team was given 1 minute to answer a set of questions.

Set I 

1. Who wrote the poem The Rainbow? – William Wordsworth 

2. Who is the Indian writer in English whose autobiography is “My Story”? - Kamaladas 

3. Give the meaning of the expression “A fair weather friend”- A friend in favorable times 

4. Give one word for the phrasal verb “Give Up”- Abandon 

5. Which is the theatre in London, which is now a museum and is associated with Shakespeare?- The Globe

6. What do you call a person who sees the darker side of things? Pessimist 

7. What is the antonym for flexible? Rigid 

8. Give a synonym for generous:- kind, good-hearted 

9. Complete the proverb- An idle mind is ______________________.is a devils workshop. 

10.What is the past participle of hide? - Hidden 

11.Complete this simile – As cool as _______________ a cucumber 

12.What is the young one of a bear called? - cub 

13.What is the collective noun for a group of ants? – colony 

14.What is the name given to a noun that is the name of some particular person or place? – Proper Noun

15.What is the name of the tiger in”Jungle Book”? – Sher Khan 

16.What is a 14 line poem with carefully patterned rhyme scheme? - Sonnet 

17.Who is the famous author whose pen name is O.Henry? William Sydney Porter 

Set II 

1. Who wrote “Paradise Lost”? – John Milton 

2. Miles to go before I sleep – To which poem does this line belong to?- Stopping by the woods on a 

snowy evening

3. Give the meaning of the idiom – A left handed compliment? – An insincere compliment 

4. Give one word for the Phrasal Verb “ Call on” – visit/meet 

5. Which is the third oldest surviving university in the world? – Oxford University 

6. What do you call a person who collects stamps? – Philatelist 

7. What is the antonym for prohibit? - Permit 

8. Give a synonym for confess:- Admit 

9. Complete the proverb – People who live _____________________.live in glass houses should not 

throw stones.

10. The past participle of bite – Bitten 

11. Complete the simile – As merry as _______________- a bird 

12. What is the young one of a deer called? – fawn 

13. What is the collective noun for a group of bees? – swarm 

14. What is the name given to a word used instead of a noun? - Pronoun 

15. Name the fictional character who was carved from a piece of pine:- Pinocchio 

16. What is the name given to a lengthy, narrative poem, containing the details of heroic deeds- Epic 

17. What is the famous writer whose pen name is Saki? H.H.Munroe 

Set III 

1. Who is the author of the famous short story “ Last Leaf”? – O.Henry 

2. Name the semi autobiographical novel by E.R.Braithwaite:- To Sir, With Love 

3. Give the meaning of the idiom “To put all the eggs in one basket”? to risk everything together 

4. Give one word for the phrasal verb “go on with”- continue 

5. Which is the largest library in the world? – Library of congress, Washington DC 

6. What do you call a person who loves mankind? - Philanthropist 

7. What is the antonym for renowned? -Notorious 

8. Give a synonym for brittle:- -weak/feeble 

9. Complete the proverb: - Fools rush in _____________________. where angels fear to tread. 

10. What is the past participle of swim? -Swum 

11. Complete the simile As fit as ___________________ a fiddle 

12. What is the young one of a duck called ? Duckling 

13. What is the collective noun for a group of elephants?- herd 

14. What is the name given to the nouns that we can only think of? – Abstract Nouns 

15. Who is the famous mythological character who is believed to have stolen fire from Zues? - Prometheus 

16. What is the name given to a play with a sad ending? - Tragedy 

17. Who is the famous writer whose pen name is J.K.Rowling ? – Joanne Rowling 

Set IV 

1. Who wrote "The Golden Gate? – Vikram Seth 

2. Whose autobiography is “Wings of Fire”? – A P J Abdul Kalam 

3. Give the meaning of the expression “French Leave”? – A leave without approval 

4. Give one word for the phrasal verb “put up with” -tolerate 

5. Name the collection of stories written by Geoffrey Chaucer in Middle English at the end of the 14th century? 

Canterbury Tales 

6. What do you call a person who sees the brighter side of things? - Optimist 

7. What is the antonym for production? - destruction 

8. Give a synonym for decorate:- adorn 

9. Complete the proverb – Make hay __________________________.while the sun shines 

10. The past participle of freeze - frozen 

11. Complete the simile As gloomy as______________________ night 

12. What is the Young one of an eagle called? - eaglet 

13. What is the collective noun for a group of robbers? –gang 

14. What is the name given to a noun that we can see, feel or taste? – Concrete Nouns 

15. Who is the mythological character who fell in love with his own reflection? – Narcissus 

16. What is the poem written to celebrate a wedding called? - Epithalamium 

17. Who is the famous writer whose pen name is George Eliot? – Mary Ann Evans 

Audience Round 
1.Which is the only word in English which will be pronounced the same, even when the last four letters are removed?


2. In English, there are just 4 words which begin with ‘dw’. The first one is dwarf, the second one is dwell, the third one is dwindle. Which is the fourth one?

Dweeb - A boring person 

3. Which is the longest word in English without a vowel? – Rhythm 

4.What is the dealer in rare books called ? Bibliopole 

5. Who is the famous poet who penned Kubla Khan? S.T.Coleridge 

Thank You!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's gonna be a Tough Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "English Quiz 2010-2011" is just ten days away!
 There is lot of excitement and so we are hoping for a thrilling contest! 

Team 1
Captain - Siv Sanjna Rajan, Class X
Other Team Members - Maria Smiti, Class VIII &Advaita, Class VI

Team 2
Captain - Ayush Melwani, Class X
Other Team Members - Siv Samriddhi Rajan, Class VIII &Sana Banu, Class VII

Team 3
Captain - Mohammed Javeed,Class IX
Other Team Members - Vimeenaa.M, Class VIII & Sanchana.M, Class VII

Team 4
Captain - Vishaal.G, Class X
Other Team Members - Haritha.V, Class VIII & Maheshaa, Class VI

All the Best to all the Teams!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quiz Contest - Rules, Rounds....

The Finals of the Quiz Contest will be conducted on 27th October 2010, Wednesday!
All the contestants are hereby requested to go through the rules and regulations of the Quiz Contest. 
You may also get familiar with the different rounds included and prepare for the Contest accordingly!


The contest will include 9 rounds which are described below. Each team will be given 30 seconds to answer questions. If a team is not able to answer the question in 30 seconds, it will be passed on to the next team. Each right answer will be awarded 5 points. A question which is answered after being passed on will be awarded 3 points. In the Rapid Fire Round, questions will not be passed on. In the Rapid Fire Round, each team will be given 1 minute to answer a set of questions. The no: of questions that can be answered will depend on the pace by which the teams respond.

Round I is all about Books and Authors. 
You will be given the name of a novel and be asked to identify the author. 

Round II will include questions based on Shakespearean plays and characters. You may be given the name of a character and be asked to identify the play. You may also be given a famous quotation and be asked to identify the play.

Round III is based on Grammar.You may be asked to identify the tense of a given sentence or be asked to give definitions. Anything connected to Grammar can be asked in this round.

Round IV is a Visual Round. Here, you will be shown pictures of great poets or writers and be asked to identify them.

Round V is based on English Movies. You may be asked about Actors, Movies based on famous books, or even be asked about Directors

Round VI is based on Awards won by different writers and poets. You may also be asked the literary works and year in which the awards were won!

Round VII will include questions on General Facts about English.

Round VIII is an Audio Round, 
where you will listen to poem recitals and will be asked to identify the poem

The Last Round - Rapid Fire Round
Each Team will be given 1 minute, and set of questions which will include questions based on idioms, phrasal verbs, autobiographies, poets and poems, one-words, antonyms, synonyms, proverbs, figures of speech etc.

Thank You!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Preliminary Round of the English Quiz was conducted today, at 3.30 pm. Given below are the names of the finalists!

1. Siv Sammriddhi Rajan

2. Maria Smiti

3. Vishaal.G

4. Sivsanjna Rajan

5. Mohammed Javeed

6. Haritha.V

7. Ayush Melwani

8. Vimeenaa.M

9. Sana Banu

10. Advaita.A

11. Sanchana.M

12. Maheesha.G

Congrats to all the Finalists!

English Quiz – Preliminary Round – Questions and Answers 
1. Pride and Prejudice is written by - Jane Austen
2. In which Shakespearean play, do you find the character, Shylock? - The Merchant of Venice
3. Who was the first Indian writer to win the Booker Prize? – Arundhathi Roy (1997)
4. To which country does the author of the Harry Potter series, J.K.Rowling belong to? – United Kingdom
5. The poem ‘Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening’ is written by – Robert Frost
6. In which year did Rabindranath Tagore win the Nobel Prize for literature? - 1913
7. Ariel is a fictional spirit that appears in one of the Shakespearean plays. Name the play:- The Tempest
8. “Swami and friends” is a collection of stories by the celebrated writer – R.K. Narayan
9. The Merchant of Venice is one the best comedies by Shakespeare. Who is the villain of this play? - Shylock
10. Who is the Indian author of British descent, who wrote “Our trees still grow in Dehra” – Ruskin Bond
11. Who is the fictional detective created by Conon Doyle? – Sherlock Holmes
12. Give one-word for a ‘describing word’? - Adjective
13. In which Shakespearean play, do you meet ‘the three witches’? - Macbeth
14. Which is the best known work by Rudyard Kipling? – Jungle Book
15. “Three men in a boat” is written by – Jerome. K. Jerome
16. The great writer who penned “Alice in Wonderland” – Lewis Caroll
17. The Movie “Three Idiots” is based on a book by Chetan Bhagat. Name the book: 5 Point Someone
18. Identify the tense – “I am writing a story.” – Present Continuous Tense
19. Who wrote “The Discovery of India”? – Jawaharlal Nehru
20. ‘Brunch’ is a combination of words “Breakfast” and ‘Lunch’. What is the name given to such a word? – Portmanteau Word
21. Who is a bibliophile? – One who loves to read or admire or collect books
22. In which novel do you find a character, who spends almost 28 years, all alone in an island? – Robinson Crusoe
23. What is the ‘dot’ on the small letter i called? - Tittle
24. What do you mean by “white lie”? – A harmless lie
25. Who is the father of English language? - Geoffrey Chaucer 
Thank You! 

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Salutations .......

On this Special Day, let us salute the 'soul' that taught us the real meaning of 'FREEDOM'!