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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Welcome to 2014-2015

We are back at school. Have a look at the pics from the day's assembly!

Primrose - The New Look
S. Shravani - MC
Prayer - Ajayraj
Pledge - Natarajan.C
English News - Advaita.A
Primrose News- Shilpa.P
Thirukkural - Gautham.N
Chirag delivering the Special Address

Class X Students honoring Leslie Ma'am and Jareena Ma'am...

Milind introducing the new teachers....
Our News Teachers
Mrs.Subhashini, Mrs.Sukanya and Ms.Rajeswari
Some exciting news about Results-2014 - Sunita Miss...

Plus Two and Class X Results have been AWESOME this year. 
Leslie Ma'am and Jareena Ma'am congratulated the teachers and students for the same! 

Prabhu Sir
Mohandoss Sir
Gaitri Miss
Vel Sir
Anu Miss
Jasmine Miss
Rajarajeswari Miss
Dominic Sir
Vinpreet Miss
Rajesh Sir
Srividhya Miss
Senthil Sir
Veerappan Sir
Sunita Miss
Jareena Ma'am addressing the School
Gaitri Miss


  1. A hearty welcome to the new rosebuddies who have joined our journey in primrose

  2. Congratulations Primrose Teachers, The Management & the Rosebuddies for their tremendous success in both +2 & 10th standard this year.

    Fresh New Look of Primrose is Fantabulous. Just love that one.

  3. deepa-srivatsan(2)4th-sriram's (pre k.g)momJune 16, 2014 at 9:46 PM

    Congrats to primrose family and i am feel proud to be one of this family member as a parent