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Sunday, April 3, 2011

And the Winner is...........

Class IX bagged the first prize for the Class Magazine Contest for Category II. 

Their Magazine titled "Beyond Boundaries" is indeed a proof of their creativity and excellent writing skills! Have a look at the pages from their Magazine......

The Second Prize was won by Class VIII. 

Some pics from their Magazine named ' Reflections'!

Thank You! 


  1. Hats off 9th & 8th students....

    This reminds me of my school days... we five friends, used to circulate our hand written magazine ( in tamil we used to call it as KAI Ezhuththu Puththagam...) to our other friends...


  2. thnx to us(class 9) n sunitha miss for the suggestions n geo sir for his article n roshen for his designing n ara for his editing works,n the others mainly swathi for designing!!!:P
    hey frnds dont forget me i found the name which is used as the title of the magazine!!!!

  3. Hey, u guys did a gr8 job! Congrats!

  4. congrats class 8 and others all the best !!!!!
    and we rocked !!!!!!!! (class 9)
    thnx to every1 who helped us !!

  5. Congratz buddies!! we made it1! we rockd nd special thnx 2 swath, who really workd hard nd 2 all de othrs too, who gave their best shot!!