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Friday, February 18, 2011

To the students of Class X,

Come March and it is the season of exams. Board exams are to commence on 28th February; and it is a big day for all the students of Class X as well as their parents. As you all know,it is a big day for Primrose too, as it is the first ever board exam that our students are gonna face!
They say, exams are the part and parcel of any educational system. 
Leave all your worries and tensions behind and perform well! 
Results will follow automatically!   
So “Arise, Awake, and don’t stop till your goal is reached.”
Whatever you attain in life, 
whatever you achieve in life 
is the result of
 your hard work, determination and dedication. 
In that sense, you are all well-prepared to face this exam!
We wish you all the very best 
pray that each one of you 
comes out in flying colors!
Thank You!


  1. thanks alot......n all d best every1 !!!!!
    hope we keep up 2 ur expectations.......!!

  2. All the best 10th graders!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    do ur best!!

  3. Best of luck frnds, hope u guys n gals will succeed n come out wid flyin colorz.Show who u r!

  4. All the very best to the 10th students of PRIMROSE! Wish you all success! Looking forward to the results. PRIMROSE ROCKS!!!!!!

  5. Wish you all a very great success in your Board Exams.

  6. Best of luck frnds
    Wish you all a success

  7. all the best !!! 10 th student

  8. ALL THE BEST 10TH !!!!

  9. All the best 10TH!! Best of Luck !!

  10. all the best 10th ,hope you do well

  11. even my wishes to everyone.our radiations will reach u.