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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quiz Contest - Rules, Rounds....

The Finals of the Quiz Contest will be conducted on 27th October 2010, Wednesday!
All the contestants are hereby requested to go through the rules and regulations of the Quiz Contest. 
You may also get familiar with the different rounds included and prepare for the Contest accordingly!


The contest will include 9 rounds which are described below. Each team will be given 30 seconds to answer questions. If a team is not able to answer the question in 30 seconds, it will be passed on to the next team. Each right answer will be awarded 5 points. A question which is answered after being passed on will be awarded 3 points. In the Rapid Fire Round, questions will not be passed on. In the Rapid Fire Round, each team will be given 1 minute to answer a set of questions. The no: of questions that can be answered will depend on the pace by which the teams respond.

Round I is all about Books and Authors. 
You will be given the name of a novel and be asked to identify the author. 

Round II will include questions based on Shakespearean plays and characters. You may be given the name of a character and be asked to identify the play. You may also be given a famous quotation and be asked to identify the play.

Round III is based on Grammar.You may be asked to identify the tense of a given sentence or be asked to give definitions. Anything connected to Grammar can be asked in this round.

Round IV is a Visual Round. Here, you will be shown pictures of great poets or writers and be asked to identify them.

Round V is based on English Movies. You may be asked about Actors, Movies based on famous books, or even be asked about Directors

Round VI is based on Awards won by different writers and poets. You may also be asked the literary works and year in which the awards were won!

Round VII will include questions on General Facts about English.

Round VIII is an Audio Round, 
where you will listen to poem recitals and will be asked to identify the poem

The Last Round - Rapid Fire Round
Each Team will be given 1 minute, and set of questions which will include questions based on idioms, phrasal verbs, autobiographies, poets and poems, one-words, antonyms, synonyms, proverbs, figures of speech etc.

Thank You!


  1. WOW...

    Its going to be a tough & mind boggling competition... in another 14 days...

    Wish You All The Best Friends...

    @ Sunitha Mam...
    whether we are allowed (as spectators) to the final round of the quiz Mam? Very crazy abt quiz contests & game shows... Never miss a chance to watch...

  2. Oopppppppz!

    It is just for the Rosebuddies!!!!!!!!!

  3. wow
    its really getting thrill...
    its going to be a perfect quiz competition

  4. miss it's very tough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .i am extremely scared for the quiz.

  5. ooh its going to be a great one of course!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dear Rosebuddies...

    An English quiz is something which is unheard of..
    sounds like a great idea...Roseuddies rock!!!

  7. oh my god miss it is goin to be tough!!! but it looks very intresting... i look forward to it!

  8. It s not gonna be tough, if u prepare well!!!!!!!! All the best guys n girls!

  9. if u say so miss!!! and thanx miss

  10. ALL DE BEST DEAR ROSEBUDDIES!!!! de president is wishin ur ll........ wat more do u want??? lol... jus jokin!! prepare well!!!

  11. It's very hard miss .......

  12. Google Search, Read, Refer ......

  13. iam very afraid.

  14. neenga romba nallavara irukenga.....very usefull photos :) :)/......thank u soo much :)

  15. neenga romba nallavara irukenga.....very usefull photos :) :)/......thank u soo much :)