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Sunday, October 17, 2010

It's gonna be a Tough Fight!!!!!!!!!!!!

The "English Quiz 2010-2011" is just ten days away!
 There is lot of excitement and so we are hoping for a thrilling contest! 

Team 1
Captain - Siv Sanjna Rajan, Class X
Other Team Members - Maria Smiti, Class VIII &Advaita, Class VI

Team 2
Captain - Ayush Melwani, Class X
Other Team Members - Siv Samriddhi Rajan, Class VIII &Sana Banu, Class VII

Team 3
Captain - Mohammed Javeed,Class IX
Other Team Members - Vimeenaa.M, Class VIII & Sanchana.M, Class VII

Team 4
Captain - Vishaal.G, Class X
Other Team Members - Haritha.V, Class VIII & Maheshaa, Class VI

All the Best to all the Teams!