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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Very Special Day!


  1. The joy of learning comes from you,
    for you make things simply wonderful to know...

    Happy Teacher's Day to all our Primrose School Teachers!

    -- Bharathi & Somasundaram

  2. Wishing all the teachers "A Very Happy Teacher's Day!"

  3. i thank all de teachers of primrose for enlightening, we rosebuddies, wid their splendid knowledge..... thankyou soooo much.... and hope ur ll had a nyc time...........

  4. a tablespoon of love, a spoonful of affection, a cup of care with a tinch of scoldings together mixed will give u our best primrose teachers.
    this is the recipe note it!!!!!! a very enthusiastic teachers day 4 all our lovely teachers who r taking risks 2 brighten our future!!!!!1 there's no end 2 our wonderful teachers, never ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i wish that it would be a rejoicing time!!!!!!!!!!!!