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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

For those who wish to get lost in the Magic of Words!

We are delighted to announce that 3000+ books 
are getting added to our library!
And, that’s not all! 
We are launching a Book Lovers’ Club very soon.
A team of teachers are working on it, 
and we would be able to kick-start it soon.
We are in need of a name for the club 
and we have given it to the students, 
teachers and the MSS team members 
to come up with a very innovative name.
Similarly, design the logo for the Book Club 
and win exciting prizes.
The Contest is ON!
Rush your entries to rosebuddies@primroseschool.in

Last date for the submission of entries - 25th October, 2018

Note: Please register your book club membership with just a message in the comment box here. We invite the students, teachers and the MSS team members to join the club and make use of this wonderful opportunity to get lost in the world of books.



  1. Have you guys ever felt this thing: You've got a special interest on something and the whole world around you doesn't even acknowledge or respect that particular passion, because of several reasons, so you've got a create your own world. Your only by yourself and what you wanna do starts and ends with you. I'm pretty sure most of here are familiar with that emotion. Now let's get to this feeling: One fine lazy morning, you are doing your usual routine and all of a sudden a miracle happens. A miracle that is going to unite you with people who have the same passion. Something you can't describe. You're now free to do what you love, free to do things that you're passionate about without getting interrupted by any sort obstacle. The cherry on top is that everything is legal and you're doing it with full authority and permission. You don't have to sneak out anymore. Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.
    That is exactly what happened to me. The Book Club is a dream come true. All of the things that I've typed now, that is how much the club means to me. Come on, it's like an Elysium in real life. I've already got beautiful and great vibes from this whole Book Club deal. So this is what I want to say, and I feel low key happy about it: This is where I belong, and I need nothing else more than this. I love this.

  2. Wow !! Excited ��.. Awaiting eagerly to join the club

  3. Wow!!!!!awaiting with bated breath! !!!!

  4. Hi everyone !!!! Am looking forward to join hands .

  5. When children read for pleasure, when they get "hooked on books", they acquire involuntarily and without conscious effort,nearly all of the language skills, they will become adequate readers, acquire a large vocabulary, develop a good writing skill! Eagerly waiting !!

  6. Wow primrose wonderful opportunity for kids I would like to join

  7. 3000 that's one big number i am Damn excited for this I am not a bookworm but book play a very important part in my life .The one thing I love about book is that u could relate with the characters .Recently I found my Self reading books past my bedtime thats when I realized how much I love books.This is an amazing platform where I could improve my vocab.i truly appreciate our school for taking so much efforts just for us.I am defiantly in


  8. I am in. Is the logo should be designed in computer or draw in notebook?

    1. Srivatsan,
      either you can design the logo in the computer or you can draw it in notebook

  9. I am ready.Count me in

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