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Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Pleasant Surprise

Jareena ma'am had a pleasant surprise today. She was overwhelmed with happiness - thanks to Vaibhavi Samani, one of the Rosebuddies from the very first batch of Primrose.
 Check out what made ma'am so happy....

Dear Ma'am,
Hope you are fine. I have finished my studies and have started working now. Thank you so much for everything, ma'am. I can never forget that what I am today is all because of the education Primrose provided me. All your love and scoldings have benefitted me and made me a better individual. I am still in touch with most of my batchmates and we always talk about our Primrose days, especially the Voice of Primrose. Here is a small gift from my first salary, ma'am. Hope you will like it. 
Thanking you once again for all your guidance..

Best Regards

Jareena ma'am came around with the letter and asked VOP to post it on the blog right away! She got reminded of the good old days with the first batch and kept talking about how happily her days had gone about with that naughty and  brilliant bunch of Rosebuddies. "It is definitely a special feeling when students from yesteryears come back with a lot of love. Most often we take for granted the very things that most deserve our gratitude and this gesture from one of our old students has proved that we did train our students to be good human beings.", she said. 


  1. It feels so good. Vaibhavi has started earning and has gifted our dearest principal! Those school days were the best days of life and I am sure all my batchmates would agree to what I say with no second thoughts at all. Just miss Jareena madam, all the caring teachers and all the fun we had throught the year. Glad that I can keep in touch with primrose often atleast through this blog.

  2. WOW!!! Surprise for me too!!!
    I didn't expect this blog post. Thanks so much Ma'am. We were lucky to have you with us during our growing period. We all feel proud to be in the first batch of Primorse. The school everyone dreams to be in. Thanks Sunie Miss you will always be my favourite teacher. Lots of love.

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