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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Meet the New Office Bearers.......

It's a Five Men Army! 

Advisor, 2012-2013
Novithram.G, Class XI

President, 2012-2013
Shashank.P.M, Class IX

Vice President, 2012 -2013
S.Adhvaith, Class IX

Secretary, 2012-2013
N.Gautham, Class VIII

Organising Secretary,2012-2012
Kausik Ipour, Class VIII

Lets hope they will give us a memorable year! 
Congratulations Once Again!
Thank You!  


  1. Congratulations Office Bearers.... Wish you a wonderful memorable year....

  2. I thank u rosebuddies for voting for me. As I promised i will do my best and would strive for the betterment of the club. I assure that i will carry ur desires on my back!!! :D