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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dear Rosebuddies....

Thank You For a Great Cultural Week!
"Talent Time-2011" is done with and we would like to know how you enjoyed this cultural fiesta! Can we have your comments please?????

Comments from Leslie Ma'am and Jareena Ma'am.....

The Talent Time held in our school was a very special and wonderful occasion for our talented students to express their creativity. I was so impressed with their self-confidence, poise, enthusiasm and joy in showing us their individual talents. Even though there were finally three champions, a Little Champion, a Primary Champion and a Senior Champion, to me, ALL the students of Primrose are PRIMROSE CHAMPIONS!!

– Mrs.Leslie Jacobs, Academic Director

Every child is unique. School is the place where they can express and bring out their individual talents to the world. Where there is will, there is always a way. But to find the way, will is to be groomed up and properly shaped. There is a need to inculcate the feeling of competition in the students right from high school classes. They should have a feel how to direct themselves to achieve what they dream about. As you all know, our school is also unique in all aspects. Instead of celebrating the usual annual day we came out with a very different idea. We wanted every child to participate in their own field of interest.
Mrs.Sunitha and her team members worked for two months to organize this Talent Show with the help of students and parents. We got very good response from the parents and the students. With their hard work and great effort the programme became a grand success. I congratulate all the prize winners and the participants.

Special thanks to Mrs. Anuradha and her team members, and Mr.Ravishankar and his team members for organizing the Tamil and Hindi competitions also.

I congratulate Pre- Primary, Primary and Champion of Primrose students. In future, I expect more creative and innovative ideas from the Voice of Primrose. Good Luck!

-      Mrs.Jareena Begum, Principal

Thank You!


  1. Winning doesn't always mean being first. Winning means you're doing better than you've ever done before.

    Talent Time-2011 has made each and every rosebuddy a true winner!!!

    Talent Time was a grand success!!!


    A week full of entertainment,
    And faces full of excitement!

    All the Rosebuddies rocked,
    Keeping their books locked!

    Oh! what fun it was,
    To see on stage the tiny tots!

    The whole school decorated colorfully,
    While the audience applauded cheerfully!

    The judges were impressed,
    To see talents so nicely expressed!

    Events took place simultaneously,
    For programmes were planned wisely!

    Right from off stage shows to on stages ones,
    All were excellent and outstanding ones!

    Every day was spent so joyfully,
    Also waiting for results so eagerly!

    The festival which was for the 1st time conducted,
    Was wholeheartedly appreciated!

    Talent time will never be forgotten by any one,
    As it contains sweet memories of every one!

  3. Really amazing show...wishing that the event took place for a month.....but anyways everybody enjoyed it...a thnx and appreciation for sunitha miss' hardwork...hats offffffffffffff...expecting more events for the next talent time...!!!

  4. awesome........enjoyed for one month....had fun!!!!

  5. Talent Time was a really good opportunity 4 all d rosebuddies. hope there is a talent time next year too. enjoyed every event, especially d prize distribution!!!

  6. congratz.................... rosebuddies.
    I also congrats the team members of talent time.
    The time has been passed by our talents and
    sunitha miss had put a great effort on this.
    sunitha miss I greatly thank u for conducting this. Thanks Thanks Thanks...........
    Buddies concentrate on your exams.
    BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR EXAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Talent time was a great show..All of us had a wonderful time..

  8. talent time was a mega event.it was an awsome month full of excitement and joy.i congratulate all the staff members and the students who have organised this mega event.all of us had an wonderful time.the pics were awsome.

  9. This was an extremely effective event for the students. I congratulate to the whole family of PRIMROSE.
    All the best and keep it up...for 2012 again !!!

  10. That is a good one there Vaibhavi!!!

  11. Wonderful to see such lovely talent from all the students
    hatts off to the minds and hands behind the show

  12. Talent Time has definitely been the best thing that has happened in school this year! It was super fun, the busyness kept all of us well entertained, and on the whole, it was truly awesome! Hats off, Sunitha miss! =)

  13. Talent time was a mega event.It was a great success bcoz of the hardword of all the rose buddies especially Sunitha Miss.Its inagrual event itself is a great success and i hope it will be successful in the upcoming years also.

  14. had GR8 fun during the talent time!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    waiting for another one next year!!!!
    the pics have come out really well :)

  15. Kavitha P.M :

    'Talent Time' provided the platform for the students of primrose to exhibit their hidden talents without inhibitions. Hats off to the participants and the team behind the show!!!!

  16. Nice stuff! Thanks for sharing this post recently. I'm looking forward to reading more.

  17. talent time was a super hit.... n we are looking forward to make this talent time a unique, memorable n huge success... as well :D