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Monday, June 20, 2011

Hearty Welcome to the Primrose Family.......

Let us extend a warm welcome to these newcomers to our Primrose Family......

Today, we just asked them what they felt about their new school...

Ashi said: - I love this school. The teachers and classmates are very friendly. Its wonderful to be a part of this school and I am enjoying very much!

Taniya said:- A new school means excitement, and as usual I was excited about coming to Primrose! I think it is nice, the teachers are good and so is the infrastructure. My new friends are wonderful ! And I think every student gets personal attention to his/her satisfaction and I think I am enjoying it!

Shashank said:-  I love this school. It is much better than my previous school. The teachers and classmates are very friendly.One thing which I really liked - we have games everyday!

Karthik said: - I am enjoying this school. It is not like what I have heard about Indian schools. I have learnt many new things. In all, I just love the atmosphere here!

Aaditia said:-  This is the best school I have ever seen! I am enjoying here. My friends are really nice! The teachers are also very friendly!

We too are excited! A warm welcome to our Primrose Family!

Thank You!


  1. Welcome newcomers to our Primrose!!!!

  2. welcum buddies!!! hope ur ll njoy!!! nd shshank nd tanya - really gud dat ur ll wanna take part in elections dis year!!! all de bst!! may de bst man win!!

  3. welcome to our school.........u r going to enjoy in this school....