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Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Pongal!

Pongal is harvest festival of Tamil Nadu, which is celebrated as a token of gratitude to nature, especially Sun God and cattle wealth. It is to pay our tribute to them which have blessed us with rich harvesting and prosperity, that we celebrate Pongal. 

As an institution which always encourages these values, we celebrated the Pongal festival in our school campus. Apart from Rangoli, the festive effect was created by decorating with sugarcanes and Pongal pot. The entertainment session included group dance, group song, skit, debate, and a few competitions. All the students were served 'Sakkara Pongal' and 'Ven Pongal' prepared by the teachers. Our Director, Mrs.Jacobs and Principal, Mrs. Jareena Begum conveyed their warm wishes for the festival to all. It was a great day for us! Thanks to Mrs.Anuradha and Mrs. Srividhya and all the others who helped in making the day a great one!

Have a look at the pics from the day!

Leslie Ma'am and Jareena Ma'am arriving ......
Sanchana briefing about Pongal

Dance - Class Vi and VII Girls.....
Pongalo Pongal
Dance - Class V Girls.
Sack Race

Bursting the Balloon Contest......

Prashaanth trying to hit the pot......

Vote of Thanks 
Tiny Tots of Primrose in their Pongal attires.....
The girls who designed the Rangoli.....

Happy Pongal to All the Rosebuddies.....

Thank You!


  1. vey nice fotos miss...... wen will u put the prize distribution fotos miss?

  2. a well organised program it was

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  4. Wonderful pics miss!The program was really great!!

  5. SUPERB PICS!!! luks like ur ll had a gr8 time!! HAPPY PONGAL TO ALL MY BUDDIES!!

  6. nyc pics miss !!!!!!! happy pongal to ROSEBUDDIES!!!!!!!!!

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