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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Spelling Bee!

A spelling bee is a competition where contestants, usually children, are asked to spell English words. The concept is thought to have originated in the United States. Today, our Academic Director Mrs.Leslie Jacobs conducted the Spelling Bee Contest for Classes V to X. 
The contest was held under two categories: 

Category I - Classes V, VI, VII

Category II - Classes VIII, IX and X. 


Category I

I Prize - Sandhya.S, Class VII

II Prize: Sanchana.S, Class VII

III Prize: Pooja Ashok, Class V

Category II 

I Prize: Swathi.J, Class IX

II Prize: Hemavadhani.S, Class IX

III Prize: Mohammed Javeed, Class IX 

Although the winners have been identified, Kudos to all the contestants for a splendid show!!!!

Pics from the Contest!

Congratulations Winners!

Thank You!


  1. congratz to all de contestants!! twas a gr8 show!! had a nyc time!! cheers to de 9 th graders!! we v won all de prizes in de 2nd category thnx to swa, hemz n javeed!! well dun guyzz!!! congratz to de prize winners of category 1 too!! waitin for another interestin prog soon!!!

  2. Congratz winners!I'm happy i got to learn a lot of spellings!!Actually i'm not that good at spellings.but to my surprise i got selected to the finals which made me happy.luck was not on my side today!!!anyways congratz to the winners of both the categories!!!

  3. congratz to all the winners and it was a great program

  4. congratz winners !!!!! 9 th graders rock

  5. it was nice & great& excellent & fabulous & superb & ............................!!!

  6. i had a great time out there

    congrtz winners