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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Election is Right Around the Corner!!!

Its just 10 days for the election for the office bearers of ‘Voice of Primrose’. The primary level election was conducted in classes VI to IX and we would like to announce the short listed candidates. The students are very excited and have already started campaigning for their friends.

So let’s get to know the short listed candidates: -

President – Rhea Melwani, Arvind G, Novithram .G (Class IX)

Vice President – Shubam Porwal, Natarajan.C, Gurubalan.C, Matthialagan.M, Lokesh.A, Rahul.M (Class VIII)

Secretary – Sandhya.S, Naveen Kumar, Marc Ajay, Sidarth.S(Class VII)

Organizing Secretary- 1 – Mohammed Javeed, Sujithra.V (Class IX)

Organizing Secretary- 2 – Shilpa, Advaitha.S, Sai Sankar (Class VI)

Treasurer – Roshen.R, Dharmarjun.K, Shobana.T (Class IX)

All the best to all the Candidates!

Looking Forward to meeting you all at the ‘Meet the Candidate’on June 29th.

Thank You!


  1. Gr8 Nominations!
    All the very best to all the Candidates.......

  2. good luck evry1... :)

  3. all the best everyone!!!! looking forward to meet all the nominees on the of meet the candidate!!!!!

  4. all the best everyone.give your best at meet the candidate

  5. I think it would be a tough competition. All the best 4 the candidates

  6. all d best friendzzzzzz........hope d best winssssssss!!!!

  7. All the best for the young V.I.Ps