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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Annual Sports Meet-2014

The Annual Sports Meet was conducted on 28.08.2014. The Guest for the day was Dr.L.Anand, Associate Professor, Dept. of Psychiatry, Manakular Vinayagar Medical College, Pondicherry

The Prayer

Our guest Dr.Anand with our Director Mrs.Leslie Jacobs and our Principal Mrs.Jareena Begum

Welcome Instrumental By Gautham, Chirag and Milind....

Jareena Ma'am presenting the Annual Report
Gaitri Miss introducing the guest

Our Guest Dr.Anand addressing the gathering

Olympic Torch
Oath Taking
March Past

Primrose Welcomes You!
Welcome Dance
Whoola Hoops

Patriotic Dance

Aerobic Dance

Fan Dance

Mass Drill

Waves Dance
Go Green Dance

Mohammed Javeed receiving his Award from the Guest
for securing the State First Rank in Pondicherry

Shivaram.S, II Rank in School
Roshen Raghaventhar - III Rank in School
Mohana Priya being awarded for her Project on Solar Battery
which won her Rs.5000 Cash Award from the National Level Science Forum
Vote Of Thanks - Kiruba.N


  1. Nice photo's were is primrose logo by young buddies

  2. WOW... Awesome pictures, here... Great show rosebuddies...