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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Election 2010-2011

School elections are a way to teach the fundamentals of civic responsibility in a situation that is teacher-facilitated and student-led. This is the best way which can deepen students' understanding of democracy and politics that may help them build a solid background from they can become informed citizens in adulthood.

Keeping this in my mind, Primrose School always makes it a point to hold school election every year! This year, Rosebuddies went to the polls on 30th June 2010. It was an exciting day for the whole school. The students from classes VI to X exercised veto powers. Everything went well, and once the election was over, it was a long wait for the result, which was to be declared on the very next day, during the Inaugural ceremony of “Voice of Primrose”.

On the same day, Rosebuddies were also busy inviting the Director, Principal, Teachers and Non-teaching staff for the Inaugural Function. Madam Leslie Jacobs, our Director and Madam Jareena Begum, our Principal kindly consented to be the special guests of the Inaugural function, the next day!

Celebration was in the air!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank You!

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